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March 2012

Special Needs Trusts

by Jayne Sykora March 30, 2012 Estate Planning 101

Earlier this month,  Supplemental Needs Trusts were discussed. Today, we’ll focus on Special Needs Trusts. A Special Needs Trust is a tool in which a person with a disability is able to retain their assets […]

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Walt Whitman

by Jennifer Santini March 26, 2012 In the News

May 31, 1819 – March 26, 1892 It is the 120th anniversary of Walt Whitman’s death. Walt Whitman spent his life writing poems, essays and working as a journalist. Probably his most famous work was […]

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Real property in an estate or trust administration

by Maggie Green March 22, 2012 Probate

Personal representatives and trustees are commonly responsible for distributing real property from an estate or trust to its designated beneficiaries. Such distributions present unique challenges for personal representatives, trustees, and beneficiaries alike.  To this end, […]

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Workers’ Compensation Settlements & Estate Planning

by Michael Lammers March 19, 2012 Business

Across the board, the significant majority of personal injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims are resolved through settlement. The reasons for the high percentage of cases that settle are myriad. Our crowded court system and […]

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Protecting Yourself as Co-signer on Your Child’s Loan

by Lindsey Manhart March 14, 2012 Guest Articles

A few months ago, I wrote about the importance of having life insurance to help provide for your family upon your death. Today I write about life insurance again, but from a different perspective: what […]

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After Hours with Janelle Schrupp

by Jayne Sykora March 9, 2012 After Hours

• Name: Janelle A. Schrupp • Employer: Schrupp Law, PLLC • Position: Attorney • Location: 7760 France Ave S., Suite 215, Edina, Minnesota • Education: St. Olaf College, William Mitchell College of Law How long […]

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Ayn Rand

by Jennifer Santini March 6, 2012 In the News

February 2, 1905 – March 6, 1982 It has been 30 years since Ayn Rand passed away. However, her philosophical and political theories are still common in debates today. Her two most famous novels, The […]

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Supplemental Needs Trusts

by Jayne Sykora March 5, 2012 Estate Planning 101

Later this month, Special Needs Trusts will be discussed in some detail. Today we’ll discuss Supplemental Needs Trusts. Oftentimes, these two types of trusts are confused because their purposes are somewhat similar, but how each […]

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