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Medical Assistance

Excluded Assets for Medical Assistance: Burial Space and Burial Space Items

by Jill Sauber December 10, 2015 Guest Articles

This article focuses on burial spaces, burial space items, and irrevocable insurance-funded burial agreements. There are various types of burial agreements, but only one type of burial agreement is discussed below because of the potential […]

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Excluded Assets for Medical Assistance: Homestead

by Jill Sauber December 3, 2015 Medicaid

In Minnesota, it is important to know which assets are excluded for Medicaid/Medical Assistance (MA) eligibility purposes when contemplating MA Long-Term Care benefits for individuals who are 65 years of age or older, blind, or […]

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Basics of Minnesota Medical Assistance

by Lauren Fink April 14, 2014 Guest Articles

Over half of the population will require long-term care at some point in their lives.  Paying for long-term care is a topic that many people avoid addressing until the last minute; however, due to the […]

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The Debt Left Behind by a Spouse

by Jayne Sykora November 4, 2013 Estate Planning 101

As discussed in a previous post, preparing for a death of a spouse can be extremely difficult and nearly unbearable to even think about. However, it is important to understand the financial impacts so that, […]

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Obtaining A Clearance Certificate

by Jayne Sykora March 7, 2013 Probate

In many posts, we have eluded to and discussed the basics on Medical Assistance (see: Jamie Held‘s Medical Assistance & Real Property and Jen Santini‘s Medical Assistance Basics for Minnesotans). Medical Assistance, or Medicaid as […]

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What is a Life Estate?

by Jayne Sykora July 9, 2012 Estate Planning 101

Every now and again a client will ask for a life estate to be created; however, most often the client does not understand what exactly it is, how it is created or the potential benefits […]

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Medical Assistance & Real Property

by Jamie Held July 31, 2011 Probate

When I ask a probate client if the decedent (or decedent’s predeceased spouse, if any) received medical assistance, I often receive a confused look.  I make this inquiry because if the decedent (or decedent’s predeceased […]

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Medical Assistance Basics For Minnesotans

by Jennifer Santini December 30, 2010 Incapacity Planning

Medical Assistance (“MA”) is Minnesota’s Medicaid program* that is funded by state and federal dollars. MA is an extremely complex area of the law and one that gives many individuals great pause when thinking about […]

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“The New Old Age” on Medicaid & the Primary Residence

by Maggie Green November 24, 2010 Estate Planning 101

Assisting an elderly parent with the Medicaid application process can be quite complicated.  The New Old Age blog recently published an article by an experienced Elder Law attorney. In the article, Craig Reaves provides basic […]

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