Please: get the correct acknowledgement if you want to deduct that property contribution

Robert Lynn / June 30, 2016

“Close” counts with horseshoes and hand grenades. Unfortunately, it doesn’t count for entitlement to deduct a charitable contribution, once the amount claimed exceeds a trigger point. When that happens, the taxpayer’s own records – no matter how convincing – won’t suffice. There has to be an acknowledgement from the charity itself that follows the law […]

Year-End Estate Planning To-Do List

Manish Bhatia / December 5, 2015

The end of the year is an ideal time to review your current estate plan and confirm that you are taking advantage of all planning opportunities available to you. This includes not only tax planning, but also asset protection, probate avoidance, beneficiary designations and changes in your family and financial situations. On the other hand, […]

The Bank of Mom and Dad: A Guide to Intra-Family Loans

Diana Ringuette / July 27, 2015

We’ve all heard jokes about taking a loan from the Bank of Mom and Dad. What you might not know is that intra-family loans can be a great way to transfer significant wealth and avoid gift (or estate) tax liability. While an intra-family loan requires some upfront structuring and down-the-road diligence, the benefits are real. […]

Don’t Delay! To-Do List for the End of the Year

Jennifer Santini / December 2, 2014

It is hard to believe we are at that time of year again when a new year will be upon us in only a matter of days. The countdown is on – only 30 days until 2015. Here are a few reminders of things to do before we say goodbye to 2014. Take Your Required […]

Estate Planning Myth #7: Gift Taxes?! I don’t make taxable gifts.

Erika Stein Rosenhagen / April 30, 2014

Many clients are familiar with the gift tax exclusion and understand that their small gifts (even to organizations that are not tax-exempt) will not be subject to gift tax. Where there tends to be confusion is around the concepts of what is a taxable gift and what is not, and valuation of the gift. These […]

Changes to Minnesota’s Estate & Gift Tax

Jamie Held / March 27, 2014

Late last week Governor Dayton signed into law a $440 million tax cut package aimed to put “more money in the pockets of Minnesota families and businesses.” Included in the package are changes meant to simplify Minnesota’s estate and gift tax law. The simplification of the estate and gift tax law is budgeted to save Minnesotans $43 million.

Governor Dayton’s Estate & Gift Tax Simplification Proposal

Jamie Held / March 11, 2014

Last week, Governor Dayton issued proposed tax cuts of $616 Million. The tax cuts are aimed at middle class Minnesotans and businesses. The proposed tax cuts include simplifying the state estate tax and eliminating the state gift tax. The estate and gift tax proposals would yield $43 Million in tax relief for Minnesotans.

Gift Splitting

Jennifer Santini / February 25, 2014

We talk often about the use of gifting as an estate planning tool but always caution that individuals should consult with an attorney and/or an accountant before doing so to ensure it is done properly. It is particularly important to consult with an attorney or an accountant when a married couple wishes to make a […]

Minnesota Gift Tax Exclusions

Jennifer Santini / January 16, 2014

I recently mentioned some issues to consider before transferring certain assets, primarily with regards to the MN estate and gift taxes. While we want you to be cautious before making any transfers, we do want to ensure individuals are aware that there are certain transfers that are excluded from being taxable gifts under Minnesota law. […]

10 Items To Remember Heading Into 2014

Jennifer Santini / December 24, 2013

There are a few items we wanted to remind you about as we wrap up the end of the year and look towards 2014. In no particular order they are: 1. Don’t forget that Minnesota has a gift tax! This gift tax applies to anything given over $1 million in a person’s lifetime (excluding gifts […]

Giving Thanks

Jennifer Santini / November 28, 2013

On this day of thanks, we wanted to remind you about the various opportunities for giving. Many of our clients have a philanthropic intent but just do not know exactly how to, when to, and how much to give. Maggie Green wrote about incorporating philanthropic education into your estate plan even after you pass away. […]