The Tolls of Caregiving

Mike Westling / February 12, 2013

Given the prevalent role families play in providing long-term care, insurance may not always seem necessary. However, as briefly discussed in my last post on the basics of long-term care insurance, the true value of long-term care insurance involves protecting the wellbeing of loved ones. Even though spouses and adult children are often willing to […]

Use it or Lose It Long-Term Care Insurance? Not So Anymore

Bob Cohen / February 6, 2013

Statistics have shown and there is little denying that long-term care will be in most of our futures at some time and to some extent.  It also seems to reason that the premiums/costs to insure against this almost inevitable risk are far less than the cost of paying these fees out of pocket.  We can […]

Long Term Care: Are You Prepared?

Mike Westling / November 5, 2012

One of the main goals at Epilawg is to help you plan your own epilogue to your life. Many of the posts here discuss passing on what you’ve accumulated during your lifetime to your loved ones. However, what if everything you accumulated throughout your life is lost because of your health? Because you did not […]