A TV Drama We Can Love!

/ November 2, 2010

When I flip through Entertainment Weekly, I don’t typically see any topics related to estate planning. However, in this past week’s edition, a very short write-up on a new television series caught my eye: The Will: Family Secrets Revealed?!

The cable channel, Investigation Discovery, is premiering this eight-week series beginning today, Wednesday, November 3rd at 8pm (CST). Investigation Discovery’s website provides a general overview of the series . According to the cable channel, each hour-long episode will showcase “the most curious and contentious real-life stories of family inheritance, capturing personal drama filled with conspiracies, mysteries, tension and turmoil.”

Famous estates that will be featured include those of Joan Crawford, Hank Williams, and Howard Hughes. For us here at Epilawg – this series sounds like great television!

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