Cleveland Browns Fan’s Dying Wish…

/ July 17, 2013

A blank file in a filing cabinetMany people will take their allegiance to their favorite professional or college sports team to the grave with them.  Some have memorabilia put into the coffin; others are buried in their favorite jersey.  Scott Entsminger of Mansfield, OH took it one step further.

Entsminger was a life-long fan of the long-suffering Cleveland Browns.  He was a season ticket holder and accomplished musician, going as far as to write the team a song each year and offering the team advice on management decisions.  Entsminger’s family went so far as to ask people paying their respects to do so wearing Cleveland Browns clothing.

However, it was Entsminger’s last request that really stands out:  He requested six Cleveland Browns players as pall bearers “so the Browns could let him down one last time.”  That sound you hear may be thousands of Minnesota Vikings’ fans furiously changing their own wills in order to make a similar request.

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