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TED Talks: Prepare For A Good End Of Life

by Jennifer Santini on June 17, 2013

Older Couple Taking A PhotoI recently came across this TED Talk by Judy MacDonald Johnston and thought she did such a great job starting the discussion on end-of-life planning that I had to share it with our readers. The video is worth watching (it is a short 6 minutes) and should be shared with any loved ones who are unwilling to have this discussion about their own wishes.

We know this is a difficult conversation for most, but Ms. Johnston so eloquently states, “…this is a topic that normally inspires fear and denial. What I’ve learned is if we put  some time into planning our end of life, we have the best chance of maintaining our quality of life.”

You can also find some more resources on the end-of-life on the TED Blog and Ms. Johnston’s website, Good [End of]Life.


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Article by Jennifer Santini

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