After Hours With Heather Gilbert

/ April 22, 2013
  • Name: Heather Gilbert
  • Employer: Gilbert Law PLLC –
  • Position: Attorney
  • Location: Roseville, MN
  • Education: Juris Doctor, cum laude, William Mitchell College of Law

How long have you been practicing?

1 year

What led you to practice in the area of estate planning?

I enjoy the client interaction and helping my clients make important plans for their futures and leaving a legacy for their families.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about estate planning?

The misconception that getting an estate plan in place is something to do after retirement.

What is your favorite aspect of helping individuals create their estate plan?

Strategizing about children should be cared and trusts arranged in the event parents die prematurely.

When do you recommend that an individual start thinking about his or her estate plan?

Early twenties, or as soon as they start having children, whichever comes first.

What is a best piece of advice that you share with clients as they think about their estate plan?

Take some time to think about who can handle your estate after you die.  Consider not only people that are the closest to you, but also who is levelheaded and responsible.  That is one of the best individuals to serve as a personal representative to your estate.

Any interesting anecdotes?

One client thought a “simple will” was just that—SIMPLE.  At her will signing meeting, she was shocked to see that her basic will (which also included a testamentary trust) was 11 pages long!

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  1. I have heard many people comment that estate planning is not something they will worry about until later. It does seem to be a common thing to put off, although life is uncertain, and it seems we would all do well to plan ahead, for the sake of our families and their well-being. Best of luck with your practice, Heather.

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