After Hours with Bob Cohen

/ May 22, 2014
  • Name: Bob Cohen
  • Employer: Tamar Fink, Inc
  • Position: Principal
  • Location: Mpls, MN
  • Education: B.S.B. Accounting – University of Minnesota

How long have you been in your career field?

I have been in the life insurance and charitable planning arena for over 27 years.

What led you to work in this area?

A personal experience with a family member who had not planned properly and a desire to help others avoid the same experience.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about your work?

We are always stressing that the results we produce for our clients are negotiated on their behalf and are not “off the shelf” solutions. It matters a great deal, the firm and agent you select to represent you in this planning process.  The difference in cost can be substantial.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Educating clients (individuals, nonprofit organizations and their donors) as to what is possible when their planning goals are expressed, listened to and fulfilled.

When do you recommend that an individual start thinking about utilizing your services?

The standard answer of ASAP applies but certainly no later than when couples start a family, individuals start a business or when nonprofits wish to accelerate and increase giving among their constituents.

What is a best piece of advice that you share with clients as they think about the services you provide?

That their life insurance planning needs and goals are unique to their specific circumstances.  Plan according to what is right for you, not others.

 Any interesting anecdotes related to your work?

Across the board rather than referring to any one client matter, it is amazing how much unknown and undisclosed risk can be involved with a life insurance policy improperly negotiated, priced and serviced.  Families, businesses and charities stand to lose more benefits than they could ever imagine.  This is why I elected to build  a practice around the evaluation and rescue of “damaged goods” policies.