Safely storing and sharing passwords

/ October 7, 2015

KeyMaintaining passwords is an evolving game. Experts recommend that you keep different passwords for each online account, all with at least 8 characters comprised of uppercase, lowercase and at least one number/symbol. Personally, this is too much for me to keep track of and so I use a password manager.

Many of you may be familiar with password managers. In general, the password manager software will require one master password to access the application and then within the app you can enter all of your online accounts and corresponding password.  Some applications are stored locally on your computer while others are web-based applications with browser plug-ins that sync across devices.

I trust my current software application but it is not web-based and it does not allow me to share my password data with a trusted friend in the event I am incapacitated or upon my death. So, I plan to test three web-based password managers in the next few months:,, I’ll keep you updated on the pros and cons of each. In the meantime, let me know if you have a system for securely storing and sharing passwords.

Note:  The information in this post is not an endorsement of any of the products or websites listed.