Is the will I had drafted in another state OK to use in Minnesota?

Philip J. Ruce / September 21, 2015

  Minnesota is a pretty amazing state. We have great parks, great educational and business opportunities, great health care, and — let’s face it, — we’re ridiculously good looking.[1] But for all its up-sides, those perks come with a cost. First, Minnesota can be an expensive place. Also, it gets cold. So it’s no surprise […]

Spendthrift Trusts: Sometimes it’s What You Don’t Give That Matters Most

Philip J. Ruce / June 5, 2013

Nowhere are you more generous than with your family.  Whether you are saving for your children’s education, helping with the purchase of a first car, or helping to plan a wedding, your family is first in your mind and in your heart.  This generosity often plays out in perhaps the most tangible way when planning […]