Identity Theft: How to Catch It and Protect Yourself if It Happens to You

Areti Georgopoulos / April 28, 2014

Heartbleed may be the largest security breach in Internet history, but it is certainly not the last. It reminds us that our personal information is vulnerable to invasion. Unfortunately, identity theft continues to be a prevalent but insidious crime. How do you catch it, and what do you do if it happens to you? Here […]

Credit Report Accuracy: Why It Matters

Areti Georgopoulos / August 21, 2013

Good credit is the gateway to economic opportunity. Just ask Julie Miller of Marion County, Oregon. After being denied a line of credit at a bank, she discovered that her credit report contained errors. They included an inaccurate Social Security number, an inaccurate birth date, and 38 collection accounts that were not hers. She was […]