Implementing a No-Contest Clause

May 30, 2013

Many people realize when creating a will the possibility that a beneficiary could contest their wishes if an uneven or unexpected distribution takes place.  When creating a will, some may wish to favor one beneficiary over another, while others may wish to benefit a non-profit or charity instead of a familial beneficiary.  The most likely […]

Disposition of Remains: A Difficult, but Necessary Discussion

April 30, 2013

What happens when one dies without a Health Care Directive and has specific wishes regarding the disposition of his or her body? What happens when a dispute occurs amongst remaining loved ones who have differing opinions about the disposition of the deceased’s body? These are important questions to examine when considering whether or not to […]

The Basics of Organ Donation

March 28, 2013

Many of us come across the thought of organ donation for the first time when we apply for a driver’s license. Usually at that young age, it is a topic difficult to consider and oftentimes disregarded. As we age we begin to consider the opportunity each one of us has to save another’s life with […]