Inheriting Minnesota Farmland

Maggie Green / November 28, 2012

As previously written in Trusts and Minnesota Farmland, the Corporate Farm Act imposes restrictions on the ownership of farmland here in Minnesota.  Among other things, it requires that certain entities such as Partnerships, LLCs, and Trusts qualify under Minnesota Statute 500.24 in order to hold title to farmland. The result is that if an individual […]

Freddie Mercury

Jennifer Santini / November 24, 2012

September 5, 1946 – November 24, 1991 It has been over 20 years since the face of the band Queen, Freddie Mercury, passed away at the age of 45. Mercury was born in Zanzibar and ultimately moved to England in 1964 to flee the Zanzibar Revolution. In 1970, Queen was formed. Mercury worked with the […]

The Basics of Spendthrift Trusts

Sarah Leonard / November 21, 2012

What is a Spendthrift Trust? A spendthrift trust is one in which the right of a beneficiary to future payments from the trust cannot be voluntarily or involuntarily transferred by the beneficiary or reached by the beneficiary’s creditors. While in trust, assets are unattainable until they are distributed. The beneficiary of a spendthrift trust does […]

Hope Lodge

Jamie Held / November 19, 2012

I am familiar with the American Cancer Society; as I am sure most people are … their healthy living campaigns, push for early detection, and tireless efforts researching cancer causes and cures.  However, the American Cancer Society offers a great deal more, particularly in the area of supporting those currently undergoing treatment for cancer.  I was […]

Life Insurance – for Kids

Lindsey Manhart / November 14, 2012

Let’s face it.  Needing to buy life insurance for your kids tops the list of Things No One Wants to Think About.  It’s difficult to look at the long-term and financial reasoning behind a topic which is full of emotion.  Parents often can’t address it and many life insurance agents don’t broach this awkward conversation.  […]

Pre-Planning for Death: Part 3

Jill Sauber / November 9, 2012

This is the final post in a three part series on pre-planning for your death. In the first part, terms related to pre-planning for your death were defined. In the second part, exactly what happens to your remains after you die was covered. Now, steps to pre-planning your funeral will be discussed. This series is […]

Long Term Care: Are You Prepared?

Mike Westling / November 5, 2012

One of the main goals at Epilawg is to help you plan your own epilogue to your life. Many of the posts here discuss passing on what you’ve accumulated during your lifetime to your loved ones. However, what if everything you accumulated throughout your life is lost because of your health? Because you did not […]

Cy Young

Jennifer Santini / November 4, 2012

March 29, 1867 – November 4, 1955 Born Denton True “Cy” Young, he is one of the most famous major league baseball pitchers of all time. He played for a total of 5 different major league baseball teams during his career from 1890 to 1911. His record for most career wins for a pitcher still […]