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What is an epilogue?

Each life is its own story. In every story, there are many friends, family, twists and turns, and, hopefully, a lot of happiness. The epilogue of a story provides an opportunity for one final conversation where conflicts are resolved, confusion is untangled, tensions and anxieties subside, and, most importantly, a sense of calm and clarity reigns. Just as every story has an epilogue, so does every life. You can prepare your epilogue by creating a plan for your estate, business, family and finances.

Our Epilawg

Epilawg discusses and offers legal and non-legal insight for planning the resolution of your own story: questions can be answered, confusion can be wiped away and clarity can be attained on all topics related to planning for your estate, business, family and finances.

Here at Epilawg our contributors enjoy helping individuals think through the transfer of their assets that will occur at death and how that transfer will affect family members and loved ones.  Yes, we know, it is a bit quirky and grim but we find it rewarding to help someone complete this challenging task. The goal is to inspire  every person to consider the significance of creating a plan for all of the important pieces of your life.

Our motto: Write your story’s epilogue.

Epilawg Recognition

Exciting news! Epilawg has been voted one of The Top 25 Legal Blawgs in Minnesota by two years in a row!
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